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Electrical Circuit

Installed and Cloud Based Electrical Troubleshooting 
Training Simulators

  • Simulators are risk free.

  • 24/7 access to learn and practice.

  • Less expensive than equipment and lab maintenance.

  • No supervision required.

  • Over 30% of Millennials make up todays workforce. Through simulation & gamification learning is fun.

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AR Development

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are changing the way that we see business. AR apps can be integrated in education, healthcare, automotive, defense & aerospace, to name a few. 


Digital Transformation for the Automotive Industry

Contact our team today to discuss how we can accelerate your connected car project.

Click on the button below to access one of our first products: The "Electrical Troubleshooting Simulator". This app is a practical training tool that helps build basic electrical troubleshooting skills to quickly identify electrical faults and repair them.  

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Electrical troubleshooting.PNG
Electrical troubleshooting.PNG
Electrical troubleshooting simulator game android
Electrical troubleshooting simulator game playstore
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Engineer Working on Desktop Computer, Screen Showing CAD Software with Technical Blueprint

Our portfolio

How it works
Graph on Computer
Electrical Construction Plans
Car Factory

SCADA and PLCs Solutions

CAD Solutions

We also integrate SCADA systems and automation development. As well as delivering PLC and HMI solutions at a cost-effective manner. Our engineering team will make sure that the product you receive is as expected, on time and within budget.

- Control panel design
- Electrical schematics & wire harness routing/design
- Engineering consulting and training

Electrical troubleshooting. Electricity Repair Work.
Electrical troubleshooting
Electrical troubleshooting car.
Fixing Electricity Lines
Electrical repair
Electrical Circuit. Electrical troubleshooting.


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