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Infrared Thermography Inspections Overview:

Infrared thermography is crucial tool in the field of building science by facilitating the evaluation of property conditions and identifying areas that may require thermal improvements. Our infrared inspectors offers comprehensive thermal imaging services, focusing on building insulation, energy efficiency, and the reduction of heating and cooling costs. Our expert engineers utilize advanced infrared thermography equipment to analyze and visualize temperature variations within building envelopes, including external walls, windows, doors, and roofs. Additionally, our personnel possess the expertise to inspect electrical and mechanical equipment.

Utilizing this advanced technology allows us to identify undesirable thermal patterns, enabling the early detection of equipment malfunctions before they lead to failures. Proactively addressing issues with a cost-effective fix for potentially expensive equipment can result in substantial savings, as the replacement of an entire system may incur significantly higher costs compared to replacing a smaller, faulty component.


What is Infrared Thermography?

The Infrared Thermography is a process that involves determining the relative temperature between objects by detecting radiation in the infrared spectrum, invisible to the human eye. The resulting thermal image displays varying temperatures in different colors, making warmer objects more noticeable. 

What is Infrared Thermal Imaging?

Infrared Thermal Imaging visually displays the heat radiated, reflected, or transmitted by different surfaces using a thermal imaging camera. This technology allows us to analyze and locate insulation problems, such as insufficient insulation, water penetration sources, overheated electrical equipment, and more. Our thermal imaging process provides a detailed assessment of energy loss sources, including missing or defective insulation, moisture penetration, air leaks, and thermal bridging.

Cost-Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Our infrared thermography services are not only cost-efficient but also highly effective for both large buildings and residential homes. By conducting thermal inspections, we aim to reduce heat loss during winter and prevent excess heat from entering buildings during the summer. The process leads to significant savings, with the cost of the inspection becoming negligible in comparison.

Comprehensive Reporting:

The data collected during the thermal imaging process are used to generate an Infrared Thermal Imaging Report. This comprehensive report, prepared by a Professional Infrared Certified Inspector, it offers detailed insights into building conditions, identifies insulation issues, and provides recommendations for mitigation. Our goal is to empower property owners with the information needed to enhance energy efficiency and overall building performance.

At HGL Tech Solutions, we are committed to delivering high-quality infrared thermography services that contribute to the longevity, safety, and energy efficiency of buildings.

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